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2011 Master Fic List

This is my master list of fic written in 2011. Newest at the bottom. All are Gen unless specifically noted.
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2010 Master List of Fic

This is my master list of fic written in 2010. Newest at the bottom. All are Gen unless specifically noted otherwise.

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2009 Master List of Fics

My master list of fic for 2009. All stories are gen unless specifically noted.

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2008 Master List of Stories

My 2008 fics. Newest are at end. All stories are gen unless otherwise noted.

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2007 Master List of Stories

My master list of fics for 2007. All stories are gen unless specifically noted otherwise.


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Hello LJ!

So, it's been a while. How are you? Me? Fine, thanks. I recovered well from both surgeries last year. The first 3 months of 2014 have been OK - nothing big to speak of except the cold. Texas girls should not still be wearing hoodies and sweats in almost-April.

I have recently discovered "Arrow" (fun!) and am in mourning over "Psych" going off. I've been reading like crazy. I particularly enjoyed "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand. As always, send any book recommendations my way.

What else... oh, my fence fell over. Joy. Looking forward to buying a new one. Vacation is already paid for so at least I have that. Ha! Going to Catalina Island in California. Anyone been? Suggestions on what to see and do?

My Baylor Bears are having another banner year. Things aren't looking good for my Rangers, though, and baseball doesn't even start until next week. Lots of injuries there.

I saw "Divergent" this weekend. Thought it was very true to the book (which I really enjoyed). I'll be interested to see if they stay faithful when they hit "Allegiant" (book 3). Anyone read it?

I have season tickets to the national musical tours, and we saw "The Wizard of Oz" last Sunday. I mention this because the actor who played the Wizard listed SG-1 in his bio. He played Harlan! I don't think I would have recognized him, but how fun to see him perform.

BTW - I'm on twitter much more than LJ. @rfuller_tx

How are you, f*list?


If you are interested...

...in what the SGA movie-that-will-never-be would have been about, Joe M posted the plotline on his blog about a month ago.


Some interesting tidbits there, especially if you ship a certain pair.

For hardcore fans and fic writers, several of his posts in March and April have artistic renderings/blueprints of buildings and ships from all 3 shows.


In need of advice

So, I bring you my first world problems: I need a new computer. The one I have is ancient (in tech life) - somewhere close to 10 years old. Opening iTunes brings the CPU to 100% capacity. Ancient, I tell you! :)

I have an iPod (also around 10 years old), a smartphone (Android) and a Kindle (just the plain-Jane version).

I work at a computer - a laptop - all day (where I am right this minute) that I also must carry home each night. For most of my computer needs - Excel, Word, etc - I can use this one. My home computer I use almost exclusively for iTunes and downloading pictures from my camera (I'm a monster photo taker on vacation). So I don't need a state-of-the-art super computer. I need something simple that can connect to the web and has enough storage for buckets of pictures (hundreds every year).

I'm not crazy about my cell phone (long story - but it's not the one I wanted). I love my Kindle but I think I'd love a tablet, too.

So many choices!!! I'm not sure which way to turn. I definitely need to replace the computer before it dies. And I probably need a backup plan for when my iPod goes. I hate to join the iPhone cult just because everyone else has (OK, not everyone, but close). However, it would solve most of my iTunes issues and I hear they are extremely reliable.

Do I really need a tablet? What kind of computer should I get? iPhone or no?

Help! All thoughts appreciated.


I has a happy

Not only does JJ Abrams have a new series coming this fall, he has cast one of my favorite actors in it.


This makes me insanely happy. Add in "haunted and emotionally crippled" and it's almost more than I can stand. :D

I've been translated!

The lovely shaharjones  has translated my fic, Exhausted, into German. How fun is that?

Go here to check it out.

Thanks, hon!!!